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Collect license plates from DELAWARE. They can be worth big bucks! (They stay with the owner for life, unless the owner sells the plate to someone else.) A two-digit plate can be worth $200,000 and a one-digit plate (1-9) $400,000. You can see that it's not unusual for a plate to be worth more than the car!

License Plates From Across the Sea
Not only do old license plates bring big bucks in Delaware, they bring even bigger bucks in Great Britain. Recently the license plate VIP 1 sold for $525,000 to Roman Abramovich, the Russian owner of the Soccer Club (Football) Chelsea. It seems the number, obviously a vanity of vanity plates, was used on the Popemobile in 1979 by John Paul II on his way to Ireland. Not to be outdone, the record was broken just a few months ago when $610,000 was paid for the old license plate number M1. An unidentified (not for long) man bought it for his son's sixth birthday (am I missing something?). The M1 was issued in 1903 and had been used with many race cars, the most recent being a 1900 Mercedes Benz. (The price was not for the car or the actual plate but the right to use the M1 registration. Strange world.

URGENT!!! Although we said one way to take humidity out of old, musty paper was to microwave it (not our suggestion)-Brian says "DON'T DO IT." You could cook the paper. It might smell better and have less germs, but be worth next to nothing (unless you want to eat it).

There are many suggestions to get rid of that musty smell in old furniture (besides microwaving the drawer). Try these: place unused ground coffee in a small, open container for a week. Throw in a sheet of fabric softener. Place a rotten egg in it (just joking). If it has a strong paint smell, put a sliced onion in it for only a few hours (this really works). What are your suggestions?