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Synopsis: A special Civil War expert explains a Springfield Musket (a gun used in the Civil War) to us and our in studio guest Paul.  Brian and Leon are locked out of the conversation.  (Guess they can’t shoot off their mouths!)  What about drawings found on a bathroom wall…no really, they were found under the wallpaper.  They might have value.  All this and more.


Q:  Why shouldn’t one speak directly over a “collectible” coin?  (It’s not because the figures have ears.)

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Q:  A Japanese print is made from what type of matrix?

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Those Were the Days


The first use of the phrase or jingle—good to the last drop…Maxwell House.  Also-Harry Houdini really died (he didn’t just disappear) and the Maidenform company came out with a patent for the uplifting brassiere (no comment).  The big movie was a silent train story called The General with Buster Keaton about the Civil War.



Saying of the Week

I believe in getting into hot water.  I think it keeps you clean.

GK Chesterton


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