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Brian and Leon, will blow your mind with their witty and thorough knowledge of everything that you can put a price tag on. Listen every week on your local public radio station.

Synopsis:    This show is about attribution (the word of the day) and you’ll learn what it means-as do the callers and an in studio guest with some very memorable autographs.


Q:  The handle of a bucket is called a bail.  (A previous stumper answer.)  Why was it called a bail?

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Last week

Q:  What discovery in 1859 changed the way Victorians lit their homes?

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Those Were the Days


The year of Rubic’s Cube and the Blues Brothers-so it couldn’t have been that bad.  “I am not your father” was spoken by an evil villain, this setting up a movie enterprise like no other, except maybe the enterprise one.  The Phillies won the World Series and Kenny Rogers had the year’s top song in “Lady.”



Saying of the Week

Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.

John Lennon


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