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Brian and Leon, will blow your mind with their witty and thorough knowledge of everything that you can put a price tag on. Listen every week on your local public radio station.

Synopsis: A lot of callers today with everything from baseballs to swords, neither of which pose a problem to the boys (they can’t figure either one of them out).  We’ll have fun trying so tune in today to Value This Radio with Brian and Leon.


Q:  How much money could one possibly lose in one trip around the Monopoly Board (going to jail only once)?

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Last week

Q:  Mark Twain was born in 1835 and died in 1910.  What happened in both those years which usually never happens?

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There are Places I Remember:

Bradenton, FL

A small city below Tampa on the west coast of Florida, Bradenton is part of the Bradenton/Sarasota area (they share the same airport).  It was “discovered” in 1539 by DeSoto (they have a park named after him) with lots of trails in the mangroves.  Speaking of groves, Tropicana has their headquarters there and one can see railroad cars full of oranges-which eventually become juice by the time they get where they are going.  (Hot sun and rolling track will do that.)  It is the winter home of the Pittsburg Pirates and the Red Barn Flea Market-a great place for antique and collectible hunting, among the strawberries and tomatoes.  Brian and Leon have held many seminars in the area and almost know their way around.


Saying of the Week

I smoke cigars because at my age if I don’t have something to hold onto I might fall down.

George Burns

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