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Synopsis: Frank has a machine that sews clothes and it’s not a Singer.  (It doesn’t even hum.)  It’s from NYC and made around 1871.  Find out what it’s called.  We also have a lady with a doll that creeped Brian out.  Her eyes followed him around the room.  Right!  Meet Mona dolly!


Q:  Who was the only US president with a 4 syllable last name?

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Last week

Q:  Which country has more English speaking people than any other in the world?

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There are Places I Remember:

Waterford, Ireland

A lovely seaside town in Southeast Ireland in County Munster, it is the oldest city in Ireland, established by the Vikings in 914AD.  (You thought you had antiques!)  It is the only city in Europe to have a Roman Catholic Cathedral and a large Protestant Church built by the same man (John Roberts).  It is the home of Waterford Glass and ever home has a picture of the pope and/or JFK (sometimes both).


Saying of the Week

As you get older, the pickings get slimmer, but the people don’t.

Carrie Fisher

Word of the Day


It is the study of bells.  It has nothing to do with tents, sleeping bags, or bugs!



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