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Synopsis: A caller from Yorkshire, England talks about….we don’t know since we couldn’t understand her accent.  (Do they really speak English in the UK?)  We did understand Ron’s accent who told us a great story about his son who accidentally met the MVP of the NBA’s finals. 


Q:  What is a mangle?

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Last week

Q:  The Xylonite Company pioneered the manufacture and use of what material?  (Hint:  It wasn’t xylon.)

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Those Were the Days


It wasn’t so long ago, but to others it seems like ages.   Break out the old camcorder and watch your home movies.  (It was the rage in 1986.)  In terms of collectibles, it was the first year of the American Doll-which became an empire under Mattel’s purchase in 1998.  The Yankees did NOT win the Series, but the METS did!  (It seems like forever.)



Saying of the Week

If the world is cold, make it your business to build fires.

Horace Traubel (Anyone know Horace?  We don’t.)


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